What Next, the Julie Hatch Family

The past 15 months have seemed like years.  The grief and regrets have been unbearable and many times I have closed myself in my room, or gone on long walks and sobbed and yelled and begged God for help.  I hurt deeply inside still, but I have found some peace and meaning, and happy moments […]

A Year of Sorrow and Pie

Julie passed away a year ago today, 10 Dec 2017 Two nights before thanksgiving, I was at the movie with my three youngest boys. I hadn’t turned off my phone, and I had to ignore several desperate text messages and phone calls, mostly from my son Kendall. Finally I decided to walk out and answer […]

Fear or Courage

Julie past from this life two months ago today.  This final post is taken from a portion of my speech at Julie’s funeral.  As a preface to this I would refer you to part-2 of her life sketch, To Beautiful Mama Julie loved her high school days and she missed them. She loved being a cheerleader. […]

Running and Playing, the Early Years

This post is part-one of Julie’s life sketch.  It was written and presented by her brother, Steve Hobbs at her funeral.  It was edited further by me for posting here.  Part two of her life sketch, To Beautiful Mama is posted below. Julie Lavon Hobbs was born April 23rd 1969 in the LDS Hospital the child […]

To Beautiful Mama

It has been exactly a month since Julie passed away, 10 Dec 2017.  I couldn’t have imagined feeling such loss and despair, and it worsens rather than lessens.  I will forever be heartbroken.  But this blog is not about me.  It is about the woman I am in love with. After Julie’s memorial service, a […]

Final Days

Four weeks passed from the last post, until Julie’s passing.  Her appetite continued to improve, yet she continued to become more weak and less aware.  She was able to be with us through Thanksgiving.  A week before her passing, we drove her to the garden store and bought a Christmas tree and she watched as […]