Just Lie Down By Me, PRRT

Many of you might me wondering, “What next.”  We have had some discussions about hospice care.  Currently during most of Julie’s conscious moments she is enduring pain and suffering, and quite sad and afraid.  She is ready for hospice if she choses.  There is also a hope that she will endure until she can try a new cancer treatment called peptide receptor radionuclide therapy, PRRT.  There are a few conditions to consider.

They love Mom’s birthday

First, she would need to have the right receptors on the tumor cells.  PRRT works by taking the peptide known as octreotide and attaching radioactive molecules to the octreotide molecules, then injecting them into the body.  If the tumors have octreotide receptors, then the octreotide molecules and its radioactive particles will attach to the tumors and destroy them, or at least partially destroy them.  First, we have to find out if Julie’s tumors have octreotide receptors, so we are planning on her having an octreotide scan this week.


Second, we have to find a place willing and able to do the treatment.  There are some trials being conducted in the US, but it might take a few months to get enrolled into the trial.  We are looking for other ways to shorten this wait, perhaps available as a private pay option.  We are pressing forward with that search.

Third, she will need to endure and survive until the treatment, and one of the biggest challenges will be nutrition.  Her brain is refusing food.  We would have to find ways to keep her fed.

Her favorite hike, Table Rock, note the long shadow, yes we came down in the dark

This PRRT is the final option, and not a permanent cure, and might add a couple of years, and eventually Julie will be back to where she is now.  Still, that time would be very worth it to us, if she could enjoy it and not suffer continually.

Chemo infusion April 2016

I don’t know if Julie can make a definitive choice in her current state.  We are taking one day at a time, and with each day, making the best choices we can, and looking forward and making what contingency plans we can.  I am praying for guidance, and trying to put out of my mind what I would do, or what others might do, and steer this to what Julie would want if she could have a moment of clarity to decide.  I hope that moment will come, so that we can decide together, and not me alone.  For now when we discuss it she says, “Just lie down by me.”  For now, I am happy to do just that.

Sharing the hospital bed, Lets not tell her about this picture, but I love being here


15 thoughts on “Just Lie Down By Me, PRRT

  1. You two wonderful people are angels in the sight of God. I know that He loves you and that the decisions you make will be the best for you both. I’m thankful that my dear sister is married to a man who loves her with his whole heart. You both touch my soul and strengthen by faith. I love you more than I can express in words. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

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  2. Dear Brad,
    Julie is one of the most beautiful and genuinely kind people I have ever known. The two of you are a rare and inspiring couple. We have hated that you guys have had to walk this path, and the manner in which you do so is a powerful testimony to purest family love, mindful positivity, and power of faith. Our prayers continue for Julie to be wrapped in love that sustains her and now we add prayers for you to know with peaceful assurity that you are making the decisions she would choose. She is so fortunate to have you! We pray for divine love and comfort to cushion you both as you move forward into whatever direction follows. You are, and always will be, a phenomenally strong couple.


  3. Thank you for sharing. Julie is a beautiful person and I love the photos you included! Knowing your family has always been a blessing to us. We send all of our love and will be be saying many prayers for you and Julie and your family.


  4. My name is Paul Hanson. I grew up with Julie in the 7th ward. I just saw this on facebook and am so sorry for the trial that you both are going through. God has a plan for us that we often don’t understand. Stay strong and love her for as long as you can in this life. Please give her my best.


  5. Brad,
    Thank you for sharing. My heart is breaking. I’m a terrible friend when it comes to communicating. But I have loved Julie like my little sister since we lived in Mountain Home. For the past nine years or so I have prayed for her every day- at least twice a day that the Lord would help and heal her. She and you have been in our prayers every time we fast. We continue to pray. We love you both so much.
    Sherry & Greg


  6. Brad,
    I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles. Our time together at Eielson was long ago but your family was always inspirational to me (something must have rubbed off as I now have 8 kids and am a stay at home mom!) We will include your family in our family prayer time, asking most especially that God gives you peace amidst your trials, especially as you are called on to make many hard decisions. May God bless you.
    Lisa (Monkman) Seeber


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